about the founder

Cooking Up Success Since 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Goenka started their business in 2007 with a passion for food, a drive for growth and a borrowed capital of just Rs. 2 lac. Through their love for authentic South Indian Cuisine and their incredible business foresight, in 13 years Mr & Mrs Goenka have transformed their small business into a Catering Empire.


To share the taste of authentic, mouth-watering South Indian cuisine across the globe.


To make healthy, wholesome and affordable South Indian food available in every major city through our Franchise programme.


A symphony of flavours from over a decade of accomplishments

We have always motivated ourselves towards excellence. Whether it’s in our ingredients, our service or our business, we aim for the best.

13+ Years of Experience

From our humble beginnings in 2007, we’ve exceeded all expectations and crossed all limits.

50+ Locations in Major Cities

Our empire spans across India, hitting major North Indian regions with the spice of the South.

5+ Potential Global Franchisees

We’re constantly expanding our borders across India and soon, the world. The market for authentic South Indian food is booming.

75,00,000+ Satisfied Customers

We let our food speak for itself. Our customers are pampered and their palettes are satisfied.

Why Us?

Our knowledge of the market has led us to create the best flavour profile for business

We have studied the art of authentic South Indian cuisine, standardized the recipes and perfected the outcome. Every step of our process is tried and tested.

Simple & Easy Operations

Our services are elegant, straight-forward and well-practiced. Whether it’s catering or franchise our process is smooth and client-friendly.

Expertly-Curated Menu

Our collections of delectable dishes are hand-picked crowd favourites. Perfect for every occasion, we make South Indian food a global phenomenon.

Unbelievably Low-Investment

Our Franchisee schemes are perfect for ambitious young entrepreneurs and profit-motivated businessmen to experience incredible ROI.

Exponential Growth

With a huge market for South Indian cuisine across the Globe, we can provide you with the perfect method to tap into it and turn your small investment into large profits.

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