About Us

Envisioned in the year 2007, MR & MRS IDLY, has become the most renowned brand in South Indian food. MR & MRS IDLY is committed to serving its customers with delicious finger biting South Indian delicacy, that stand at par with any other national chain. Driven by the proven entrepreneurship skills & the innovative marketing skill of its promoters, it has flowered in a short span of time.

Our main product that we sell in high footfall Locations/Malls/Commercial areas/ IT Parks is “Taste of Chennai” popularly called as “Idly” & “Dosai”

India’s single most popular cuisine.

A business that runs from 7 AM-11PM. (Anytime Meal)

We own the original batter of real taste of Idly & Dosai with different flavors of chutney presented in a different way.

Mission and Vision


“MR & MRS IDLY” strives to provide its customers, the healthiest and wholesome meal at a very affordable prices and to generate profits for the benefit of the franchise in a short duration of time

To spread the product across the globe through our chain of retail outlets.

This concept is based on a product that is not so easily available in any state outside CHENNAI.We plan to make this product easily available to the people of every city by appointing Franchisee in each city.

Our brand chain special taste makers and ingredients will spread a standard flavor of taste all over the country.

  • Target – 50 own centers, 150 direct franchisees
  • India Restaurant Industry is approximately estimated to be of Rs 43,000 crores
  • Organized sector – Rs 8500 crores
  • Market Growth 25% CAGR
  • QSR growing at 30% CAGR
  • Increased PE activity in the QSR space

Quality Policy


MR & MRS IDLY is an original and the only fast food franchise selling South Indian delicacy ‘Live ’, which do not use any flame or combustion to make Idlies.

  • Its all about Oven to Mouth concept.
  • We do not use any fermenting agent in our food, we do not use any Soda or any such stuff, and it’s purely natural.
  • Live and fresh cooking, low-cal and healthy food
  • Standardized tastemakers and equipments
  • Centralized base kitchen in city